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June 14, 2013

A Roller Derby Story….DropKick Maddie

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When I first started derby I had just stopped using drugs and needed something to get me involved in something around people and not to isolate myself! I started derby in 2004! This career of a great sport start in Los Angeles with the LA Derby Dolls! I worked hard at getting in the sub pool so I could be in a team! I new then that this was something I loved! It was my new drug! I could not get enough! Skates, wheels, pads, new derby outfits shirts with my name in them! I loved it! I started living with my husband who was just my boyfriend at the time! We could not find a place to live in LA and he had a house here in AZ I didn’t want to leave my family and new found love but had to think of my family! So we moved to AZ it killed me to leave derby!

When I got here to AZ in 2006 first thing I did was look into derby teams here! I found 3 teams AZRD, the Dames, and the renegades! I spoke to all 3 teams, I ended up with AZRD! Met a bunch of great women, however I found out I was pregnant with my son so I couldn’t skate anymore! I had to take a leave! The women in AZRD didn’t forget about me, they thru me a baby shower! Not knowing me that well the took me under there wing, they loved me when at the time I couldn’t love myself! Was hanging on by the hair of my chinny chin chin! After I had the baby, I hadn’t been outta the hospital but 3 weeks and did not have a release but had to come back to skating! I would bring the baby to practice! That’s how much derby meant to me! Soon after the baby was born, we ended up selling our house (which is kinda how I got to DDRD) we sold our house to a derby girl! I think it was god working in my favor! My husband got really sick 4 months after the baby was born!

My AZRD girls were there for me! My husband slipped into a coma! My life at that moment would never be the same! My husband was going to die! I had no family here! Only the women in derby I really didn’t know well but were there for me! I knew from that moment on that this was a sport a way of life, my calling! My husband passed away in Nov, I was skating again but again had to take a leave! My husband went in the hospital on a Wednesday in late October! I went to detox in that Friday! They told me on that Sunday he would never be the same, I ended up in a psych ward then next day! Those girls in azrd came to see me! Brought me a card! This is when I learned that no matter what I was loved that my derby sisters didn’t judge me! They had my back! Life just seems throwing me curve balls! And derby was ALWAYS there no matter what! My husband passed in November! I was back playing on the BADNEWS BEATERS by January! Derby keeps pulling me in! Keeps me centered! Keeps me being realistic! Derby keeps me sane! This was in 2007, 2009 I started playing with DDRD, my life hasn’t only gotten better! Derby brings the positive nature in a person! Helps me work together as a team! I personally could not stand women prior to skating! Now I have a newfound love for my derby sisters! I love skating! I love my derby sisters they are always there for me no matter what! Life still keeps throwing me curve balls! But also keeps getting better! I am so happy! I am 45 now and don’t see in end to my derby career! Only the love for the sport getting deeper! Derby has changed my life in such a positive way!

DropKick Maddie

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