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August 10, 2013

As I became more aware, my life bloomed.

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How should I even start this wondrous story? Oh… yes. It all started when I was a toddler making ceramic bowls with my Uncle David in his backyard. He was an inspiring artist whom lived in Prescott Valley, living off of his art. While watching him consume himself and his world in his art, It hit me. I was so inspired by him and how lost he became in his work. He looked so peaceful. I wanted to mimic everything he did. As the art and energy consumed me, I started to dabble. Ceramics, coloring with my Aunt, watching my brother draw so I can be just like him, painting, doodling designs with nail polish on my furniture, oh yes; and as a young one, I was oddly consumed for hours.

As I grew older, I started to grow more aware of life. I had realized that something was wrong with my mom. I didn’t really understand what was going on, to be quite honest. But as time went on, I came to a realization that she may have a disorder of some type. Being young, there was not much to understand. All that I had been told is that I needed to take care of her and that she was “not feeling well”. Of course all I wanted to do was throw my cape on and save the world but it just wasn’t going to happen. My mom had been diagnosed with a severe life changing disorder. I became very humble and sometimes even very angry or confused. I was keeping it all in. It was a constant whirlwind of emotions causing me to be in another state of mind than the rest of the kids my age, considering none of them had been going through what I was. Unknowingly, art became my outlet. It was my soul becoming a vision and portraying what I was feeling inside, something that had been hindered along the way in life. As time went on, I started to accept the things I couldn’t change. As I became more aware, my life bloomed.

I started getting tattooed at the age 18. I wanted art from other artists who were similar to me; in tune and gets lost in the moment. As it became something more to me, I had to take the risk. I left college to reach for the stars. I wanted to do more with my art; help people portray what they had held inside or what they were feeling at the moment. At 19, I up and moved to San Diego California, where I unpacked my clothes and small amount of dishes in my little studio apartment. I needed to do some soul searching. Yes, a bit scary of a thing to do at that age, where I was in my prime in college and on an endless journey to my PHD in Psychology. Something you should know about me; and I bet it came from my childhood with my mom (not being able to help hers or my situation) but I’ve always wanted to help people see how strong they actually are, especially in the times where they felt the weakest. So that’s where the psychology came into play. But I just knew my calling was out there and I needed to at least try.

Tattooing then became my niche. It reached into my soul and even in the souls of others. I was realizing I helped people every day with their problems and boosted their confidence to become stronger people (just what I wanted). I was glowing when I saw what this translated to. This to me was so amazing how symbolic it was. It was amazing to help people with whatever was going on in their lives at the moment and empowering it by portraying it somehow into their tattoo. It’s what I wanted to do since I was a little girl. It expresses who they are and tells their story of hardships and experiences, as it does for me. It became invigorating and I wanted to search for artists whom I could feel that with as well. Ones who were real and who would help me best translate my journeys and intuitions into MY tattoos. Each has a sacred valuable meaning of my life and foundations. I have created a great bond with all of my artists and I intend on creating new ones. As life gives me endless opportunities, I am forevermore reaching for the stars. “You are a walking museum” someone told me. And little did she know that’s exactly what I am. My life, my journeys, my intuitions, and energy have been transformed into a souvenir forever engraved.

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