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July 18, 2014

A Bare’s Moment and Bomb-Bay’s Derby Story

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I went from a girl watching her first bout to a MVP Jammer in just 6 months, exactly 6 months. The first game I was December 19th and the first bout I was in was May 19th.

There has been a lot of craziness in the past 2.5 years. I skated a season with the Cosmic Killas and just finished my first season as a Pretty H8 Machine. I would love to say that the entire experience has been as inspiring and motivating as those first few months as a Cherry but people change and your escape has the ability to become your prison. I do know without a doubt that I would not have survived all of it if it wasn’t for BOMBbay, my derby wife. It is funny to introduce her to people as BOMBbay, my derby wife but that is who she will always be to me. There isn’t a moment during this derby adventure she hasn’t been a part of. I am very lucky to have met her and had the opportunity to go through this with her. She has talked me off the ledge, pushed me farther, and become one of the most amazing friends I have.

I am not one of those people who will ever say “Roller Derby saved me” but it gave me some amazing things I never knew I needed.

For a moment, I was in the spotlight.

For a moment, I was a hero to my nieces.

For a moment, the crowd cheered my name.

For a moment, I got to hit people.

For a moment, I was fast.

For a moment, it was ok to fall down because you had no other choice but to get back up.

I was really proud of myself, for a moment.




This will read somewhat like the book Eat, Love, Pray, but instead is more of a Drink, Hate, Skate…
After my divorce and a near death experience I needed something to bring me a new outlook on life and that is what derby became.

Derby became my outlet and helped me to quit being the workaholic I had become. Maybe I should have started therapy to work through all the anger and hurt I was feeling, but I did not want to talk about it and dwell…I needed to keep living and derby did allow me to live again.

I had been to a couple derby bouts and loved the sport the instant I had seen it. The women were an enigma to me..STRONG AND CONFIDENT. So naturally after my divorce and after a long night of drinking I went to my first derby try-outs I had not been on skates for around 17-18 years and when I walked in to the skate rink and saw all the other girls I began to get nervous…I gave myself a quick pep talk…”You can do this…you used to figure and dance skate! That is so much harder than skating around and hitting other girls!”I grabbed the rental skates and threw on some gear that they had (put the wrist guards on upside down…) and hit the rink.


I was sweating through my kneecaps. I did not know I could do that! It was the last round of the tryouts and out of the 20 girls that had started there were only about 6 of us left. It was around the last 5 minutes and after the non-stop endurance drill.. I skated off to the side. DEFEATED. I could not feel my legs and I was gasping for air. One of the ladies skated over to me and told me I would not make it because I skated off and that I was doing really well, but if I really wanted to be a derby girl I would work harder and come tryout again. I asked if there was any place to get training and she mentioned searching online and the Desert Dolls Roller Derby.

I contacted Desert Dolls, but they had already started their 3 month program and I would have to wait. Oh the wait was horrible and I was destructive and dealing with one heartache after another.
Then finally the 3 months were up and it was January…I finally was going to do this. The training process was the best part so far of my 2.5 years of roller derby. I forged new friendships and again was tested with dealing with different types of heartaches.

Yes, derby is heartache. You love hate it. I may have given up on derby a lot sooner if it was not for my derby wife (best friend). I like to think I have the best fricken derby wife and her name is Sin-a-Bare. She has become my rock in roller derby. Very few times in my life have I met a person that gets me on so many levels. She loves me for every flaw and every strength I possess…I would even say she thinks some of my flaws are my strengths, and her husband has been a saint putting up with the both of us through this whole derby adventure and deserves an award!

I could go through story after story about derby in the last couple years and what an adventure it has been, but I would like to tell you to lace up and create your own stories. You won’t regret it.


2 thoughts on “A Bare’s Moment and Bomb-Bay’s Derby Story

  1. Two beautiful and strong ladies. Proud of both my daughters Bare & Bombbay, one by blood and one from friendship. I watched you ladies get better and better as you went and how your friendship grew stronger and stronger. Your friendship made you both better people and better skaters. Didn’t like seeing you knocked down, but I knew you would always get back up. In life & in derby. Love you both bunches

  2. Bare and Bombay, you right at the top of a list of amazing women I’ve met through the Dolls. Reffing/skating with you was fun and all, but knowing you both and hanging outside derby are some of the best moments I’ve had in the last 3 years. Oh yes, and Larry definitely deserves a freakin award for putting up with your shenanigans! Okay, ready for some more shenanigans…

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