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October 22, 2013

Beyond my Flaws lies a beautiful thing only some can see with the naked eye….

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Beyond my Flaws lies a beautiful thing only some can see with the naked eye….

I remember being young, in Jr High to be specific and tattooing or more like scratching the name of my crush that really wasn’t a tattoo but scab. My mother discovered it, she took a scorching stone the kind you use to clean the toilet. she scrapped it off until the blood seeped through my broken skin. She then rinsed it off with warm water until the scab was no longer there. Since then I never thought about ever wanting one. Even more so once I discovered how the needle had to penetrate my skin a million times. I was so terrified of needles to even think about ever getting one. Later in the years I was asked to donate blood at work and the urgency for it, and how it could help other people in need. I decided to donate thinking I would just suck up the fear and look away when getting pricked. Apparently had a good vein and the phlebotomist either had the tourniquet on too tight or did not have much experience as I looked over, and my blood was gushing all over the place. She took out the needle and tried it again. it wasn’t that bad and the thought of helping people and possibly help save lives helped me get over the fear of needles. after I mentioned getting a tattoo to a close religious friend I was told that my body was a temple and I should treat it as such. Along with the comments of not being taken serious or being respected for the person I really was. At that moment in time I was not where I am now, in my happy place.

To say the least, in 2008 I had broke up for what I thought would be the final time with my ex boyfriend. He would always tell me not to get tattoos and yet again I heard the same words, because they were ghetto and people wouldn’t see me for who I really was. I decided I was going to do what made me happy no matter what others thought of me. That is when I started the journey of expressing my self through the art on my body, and really to be content with the person I was. I arrived to Urban Art in Mesa and went in initially for a Monroe piercing. Next thing you know I had my first tattoo! The first one is on my wrist it symbolizes FAITH I chose it because I have always had and always will have faith, to me its believing with your heart when all your eyes can see is darkness. I then loved it and told myself I would only get that one. later I got my last name on my side because I am the only one with that last name in my family on my mothers side, and even though I stand as one I know now that the other side of my family still remembers me and cares for me in there own way. so I am not forgotten. Reading about spirituality on my way to my happiness I stumbled upon the Buddha not being Buddhist I got a Buddha with his hands above his head that represent happiness. then I got a rosary on my foot because I’m catholic and even though I may not be perfect, and at times I go against some of the beliefs, for me its a special way of showing I will continue to grow and continue to learn the religion, and keep following GOD.

I then got a quote that says ” La Vida es la Aventura” which means ” Life is the adventure” because it truly is. then I got a Lotus flower because I read it represents life in general and as the lotus flower grows up from the bottom of a pond in the mud and muck into an object of great beauty. I truly feel and believe I have grown and have changed into something more beautiful. I have truly learned to express my flaws and appreciate life for what it is. my grandparents have definitely showed me to love unconditionally and look beyond the imperfections and to stay humble. They have always accepted and loved me for who I was, and I got a portrait of them in appreciation of everything they taught me and that’s probably the most important tattoo I have. I also got roses because they are my grandma’s favorite and she was so passionate about growing them and truly admiring them. for my grandpa I got an hour glass with all the favorite memories he cherished when he was alive. They help me remember the memories he left behind. and lastly I got a sugar skull for day of the dead to always remember those who have passed. Those are all the tattoos I have so far but for now I think im done. I am truly passionate about living a happy life and help others find there happiness in any way I can. and every tattoo is a reminder of a positive memory, thought or reminder of how wonderful and precious life really is.

I have hardly felt judged because of my tattoos as I thought I would be. As a matter of fact I get the pleasure of always talking about them when all kinds of people ask me and are intrigued to find out why I got them. in life you sometimes forget the beautiful memories left behind. Sometimes we forget to be grateful every single day, having the tattoos is my reminder and I am reminded everyday. its truly a blessing to be able to share this story on behalf of will. I hope if your reading this you learn and appreciate to embrace your flaws and I hope you are on the way to becoming the person you want to be, regardless of the art on your body, or anything else that at one point made you feel judged, indifferent, or out of place.


2 thoughts on “Beyond my Flaws lies a beautiful thing only some can see with the naked eye….

  1. That is so awsome i respect every aspect of this article.. And i am glad to see that in alot that you have said i feel the same way.. i never stop myself from doing the things that truly makes me happy. And i never till this day regret anything that i have gone thru in this life. Family to me is the most important and although some dont like certain things i do or have done i learned to accept it. And i still continue to doing me and being myself.. I have never judged anybody but i do always have my opinions a things wich i think everybody does.. and i dont worry if anybody judges me because all i know is that im happy just the way that i am and i am so gratefull for all the family that i have yes Erika even you 🙂 but most of all i live my life for the three special gifts that i have in my life and those are my babies.. and i think both you and i know that every day is an experience and every day is a challenge that we dont take forgranted…. LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST AND NEVER LOOK BACK.. … I LOVE YOU ERIKA YOUR CUZIN CINDY..

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