I'm Not Like Them (Female Body Image), Tattoo Stories

September 5, 2013

I love being different.

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I love being different. I love going against the grain and not subjecting myself to any category. When it comes to my tattoos, I instinctively find myself wanting to rebel if you try to put me in a box. I signed a document at work holding myself responsible for following the rules which included covering my tattoos. As time went on and I had more which sat in revealing places, it became offending to me to be told to cover my ink. My tattoos let me celebrate my individuality and things I am passionate about. You telling me to cover up is like telling me to not be who I am.

I trailed an interesting journey growing up. As a kid, I moved a lot with my family. My dad was in the military and my mom stayed at home with 3 kids. We made friends everywhere we went. I was your classic tomboy, running with the boys! Sports were what I was good at. Basketball was a favorite but I could play anything. Middle school was really awkward. I just noticed how girly the girls were and how lame the boys could be. I got teased for looking like a boy. I didn’t really fit in anywhere specific but I got along with everyone which worked for me. As long as there were sports, I was happy. High school was a crazy time. My brother, sister and I got a lot closer after our parents divorced. Family became so important to me especially after my immediate family began to experience things like betrayal and abuse. Being the oldest did put responsibility in front of me to protect my siblings and be there for my mom. My dad passed away before I graduated high school and even though we had a good relationship, I still feel like we barely got to know each other.

Some of the lessons I took away from my past were to never take people for granted, especially family. Always be true to yourself no matter how different that ends up being from everyone else and when you are ready, celebrate that discovery! One of my favorite tattoos which wraps up my collarbone and reads “Original Est. 1985” I was in a skate shop when I came across this sticker that said ‘Original Skateboards’. The script it was written in was so attractive and beautiful, I had to twist it and make it my own. Another tattoo that probably gives me the most pride and joy would be on my forearm done by Nate Powers @ Iconic Tattoo. Nate’s style turned this whole thing into an amazingly detailed and colorful piece. The letters, BxHxP stand for Broken Hearts Prevail. These initials pretty much wrap up the entire meaning which is no matter how hard life puts me on my ass, I must choose to overcome, grow and move on.

I think about my family and how proud I am that we made out ok together. We show love for one another and help each other through as needed. My history as a kid proved to me that I can tough anything out and still walk with my head up. I am so glad all of these tattoos stay with me as I grow older. I think they are so beautiful and I am glad people get to see what’s going on with me through the art.


2 thoughts on “I love being different.

  1. You may be able to sometimes hide your physical beauty but you will never be able to hide your inner beauty. It shows. It glows. That is what Daddy Skittles knows!

    I’m sorry it took me until now to find your story but I’m happy I did.

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