Roller Derby

July 18, 2014

Justice Unleashed

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Roller Derby…I never watched the derby that most people remember from “way back when.” My start with derby began in 2008. I had gone out on a blind date. He planned the whole date from start to finish. He had decided to attend the banked track derby match with the Arizona Derby Dames; The Runaway Brides and the Coffin Draggers. This was my first “taste” of derby. I will never forget the energy that moved from the players to the fans and back to the players! I instantly fell in love with the culture of derby!! The girls were all different sizes, shapes and personalities! They all portrayed their character through their uniforms and their mannerisms. I then went overseas for a year. It was there that I saw a group of girls who had developed their own “league.” Keep in mind there was a ratio of about 1:20 women to men over there. It was hard to find girls for the league, therefore there weren’t many of them. But they still had fun and exercised at the same time!!

I grew up in a bible belt southern town where self-righteous people would throw stones from the top of their rocks. I developed an attitude of “always doing the right thing.” I’ve had my slips and falls for sure.. I eventually went into the business of helping others to “always do the right thing.” This too had its rigid environment. There was no room for self expression. You did what you were told to do without questioning.. without changing. Derby is almost an alter reality for me. I can be who I want to be and there is no judging. There is no shaming. That is how my name for derby developed. “Justice Unleashed” I could still be the defender of justice and truth but still be free to think on my own. I am just getting my feet wet in this derby world but believe me… I am in it for the full ride!!!

Justice Unleashed

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