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June 21, 2013

Kera’s tattoo story

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I only have 6 tattoos which I don’t think is a high number, it just so happens that they are all pretty good sized. Sometimes people ask me “Do u want more tattoos?” Or “what does your Mother think about you having tattoos? “ well the answers to those questions is yes I want more and I am in the process of starting 2 new ones in the next few weeks. As for my mother that question always makes me laugh because she has more tattoos than I do. In our family and my friends circle we embrace individuality.

“There is something vulnerable about showing your tattoos to people, even while it gives you a feeling that you are wearing a sleeve when you are naked.” Lena Dunham
I normally don’t tell people about why I got that tattoo or what the tattoo stands for because its for me to know and for you to enjoy looking at. Well that is if you like art. If not that’s not my problem. So let me tell you about them.

I got my 1st tattoo on my 19th birthday which was my Dragons on my back with my daughters name above it. The reason- I like dragons and I always thought they were misunderstood about their beauty. I put my daughters name above it because I love her she was my 1st child and wanted her to be part of the 1st Tattoo.

The next one would be my ankle the heart with wings with my sons name. The Reason- My son is my heart.
The next tattoo is my left arm broken heart and Angel/Devil Tattoo- this tattoo means a lot to me. Most people think its over me being broken hearted over some break up. Its actually not. Its about the way I look at how life if is. Life is full of heart breaks and its about the choices we make to change our lives to make it whole again. The Devil and angel are both trying to capture the key to open my heart. “Which path should I choose?” Its hard to see because time has taken its toll on the colors in the Tattoo but the Angel is actually holding a sowing needle with thread attached and is sowing my heart back together. Though I could let the Devil into my heart and became a bad person from my broken heart experience, I instead choose to let GOD live there and every time my heart breaks he is there with a needle and thread sowing it back together.

My thigh skull doesn’t symblize much except I like skulls and I wanted something Sexy.

My Duck Norris tattoo- this is the fun one. I started this tattoo in my 1st season of Roller Derby after I had knee surgery. I found a large tumor in my knee that had to be removed and I thought I might not be able to skate anymore. After surgery we found out that the tumor was non cancerous and at that moment the news changed my life and I was ready to really embrassace my Derby persona. What better way to show your love for Derby that to get a Derby tattoo. I wanted it to be like me and as you can see it actually does look like me in a rad Duck form. I mean my Tattoo has a Tattoo on the same wing. Pretty cool right?
Last tattoo I have but not the last tattoo I will put on my body is my- “Saved by Grace through Faith”. Yes I am a follower of GOD and I do feel that I was saved by GODS grace through my Faith in him. My life has had many ups and downs but the only thing that has stayed strong in my life is when I need GOD he is always there for me. A lot of people think I look like some drunkin crazy bad ass chick that wants to beat people up and that they don’t think I go to church or believe in GOD looking at this tattood Derby girl, but believe it our not we are out there.
So this is my story. Its not normally shared with people but its me.


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