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August 8, 2014

A Desert Doll Renegade’s Derby Story

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My derby story so far…

My derby story started in June 2011 when I joined DDRD’s Cherrie group at the suggestion of an existing skater. I went into that first day completely oblivious, with no clue what I was getting myself into. I almost fainted my first night and I’ve almost quit so many times over the past few years. Whether it be due to exhaustion, injury, drama or family crisis; my urge to leave derby has been overshadowed by the love I have for the sport, and the resolve I have to prove to everyone that this is something I could do.

Being drafted to my first team was both exciting and terrifying. I quickly bonded with my new team mates, especially the girls that had joined with me. I wish I could say my time with that first team was a dream come true, however I would be lying. In those first few months I faced relentless bullying that followed me throughout the season. Looking back now I know that it was my bond with those few girls who got me through the bad times, the girls who kept me skating, who held my head up for me when I faced the derby drama that caused me to eventually leave the team. Thank you Cleavers, you know who you are <3 I was drafted by The Cosmic Killas the next season, and my derby world expanded simply by being told I had potential. I was given the support to try things I had never imagined possible, to take responsibility of my derby dream. During my first season as a Killa I truly learned how much I wanted to be involved in derby, how much it had become part of my identity. Throughout this time I experienced some significant changes both mentally and physically. I lost 60 pounds and gained a bunch of confidence not only in myself, but also in the team I had the privilege of the skating with. Everything from four hour practices, to pushing myself until I didn’t think I had anything left then finding the strength to go in for 1 more jam helped me grow. I was voted co-captain after my first season and partnered with an incredible captain to help bond together a team that had faced major challenges, a team many thought was unrepairable. It wasn’t easy, but our girls look it all in stride. I am forever grateful for the things my team gave me, for the ways they changed me. As my second season with the Killas was winding down I noticed my derby fire was being smothered by stress, and decided I needed to take a break to re-ignite it. I stepped down as co-captain of the Killas and began skating with The Arizona Renegade Roller Girls, a group of women who have embraced me and taught me about a new world of derby. Transitioning from strict DDRD rules to playing by the honor system hasn’t been simple, and I still find myself hesitant to push off another player. But after being told I was too aggressive for so long, I finally found an outlet to let loose. I don’t think my derby story is typical, this story is mine it’s something that is still evolving even after all this time. As I go into my fourth year as a skater I’m not sure what my next steps are, and I’m still searching for the next big spark to re-ignite my passion. However, I do believe that it’s out there within the opportunities that have been presented to me by the roller derby community, and I know that I will find it. Derby life is ever changing, like the funk of our sweaty gear. It is always morphing into something more powerful than we ever imagined. Fiona Snapple #1aDAY OR #108 Desert Dolls Roller Derby Arizona Renegade Rollergirls Visit my fundraising roller derby show at Eye Lounge at 5th Street and Roosevelt
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One thought on “A Desert Doll Renegade’s Derby Story

  1. Very nicely written. I identify with many of the emotions you’ve so wonderfully related. Derby is sort of a love/hate deal-o but when all is said and done…it is a human magnet. Good to see you on the Renegades floor.

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