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July 28, 2014

Sigmund Droid #1939

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What to say about roller derby? I think I found it when I needed strong women around me, at the age of 18. I barely knew it existed and yet I wasted no time in getting into it. There was no period where I was just “trying it out. I was in it with all intentions of falling in love with it. It was one of the most spontaneous things I have ever done- not a second of hesitation.. When I look back now and see that it was such a humble beginning and now it is everything but- basically has swollen me whole and completely touched every part of my life. A split decision has changed my whole life for the past 5 years. And changed it for the better.

From my vey first practice when I met one of the most influential people in my life, some may know her as Loco Lena, to the practice I will attend tonight there has yet to be a boring moment. I think back to my first practice, learning to skate- I have had the pleasure of building so many relationships with unique people…How can I not be thankful?

And so five years later I am still madly in-love with it. It’s the kind of love that drives you crazy yet it helps you grow and learn every step of the way. The kind of love where you sometimes question yourself for letting it happen. But I also go back to realizing the pain, the anger, the frustration that comes with competing with yourself is all worth it because it makes you better and it makes you feel alive. Because of roller derby, I have countless women in my life that are strong, fierce, intelligent, and caring- and I am lucky enough to have these women as teammates.
I have come a long way- as a Tent City Terror, we are now headed to WFTDA regionals. Getting to this point there’s been a lot of tears, sweat, airplane tickets, loss of friendships that cant seem to understand, but most importantly a lot of personal growth.

Many people tell me- you always smile when you play! Its because I love it that much. Because at that moment I am exactly where I am meant to be and I find that slightly amusing and hilarious that I am that lucky to have found something that makes me so happy.

I cannot imagine my life without roller derby- not only because of the drive and the competition, but also because I could not imagine my life without these amazing people that I call my teammates and friends.

Freshly 24- one of the youngest on my team and I feel like I am the luckiest 24 year old in the world. I may not be going out every night or partying it up as most people in their early twenties do- but I am getting something that most women my age do not… knowledge and friendships from amazing, unique, and talented women. I don’t know how long I will be doing derby, but I believe that the lessons I learn and the person that it has turned me into will fallow me long after I hang up my skates. This experience for me at this moment is- priceless, unique, and detrimental to the woman I have become and am still becoming.

Roller derby is what feeds my heart, brings fire to my soul, makes me strong; it is my connection with the important people in my life.

Leticia Lomeli Lua
Sigmund Droid #1939

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One thought on “Sigmund Droid #1939

  1. Your spirit and love of derby show up in my photos all the time. I’m already on record that your smile is one of the best in derby. It is a “Derby Smile”. I’ve always thought that those with Derby Smiles are at one with their sport and the moment they are in on the track…and…your story does say that to me!. Thank you for skating derby. Thank you for being “real”. It show.

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