August 5, 2014

Then Roller Derby happened to me.

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My name is Star Child #6 birth name Chloe. I have played soccer, I have rode BMX bikes, I have been in dance. But it just never fit for me.

Then Roller Derby happened to me.

Roller Derby is my life. It has made me a strong, healthy person. Roller Derby challanges me. It all began for me when I entered into a spirit contest for the Pretty H8 Machines DDRD when I was 9. I won the photo contest so I got to skate with the team for the night. They gave me rental brown skates and I borrowed gear. I had never skated in my life and was so scared. The team literally held me up and skated with me. People thought it was sweat but it was tears! The H8’s at that moment changed my life. Gave me a confidence and girl power that at the age of 9 I needed.

So my parents and I became the biggest fans of the Pretty H8’s and even won the “Biggest Fans” a couple years in a row. We went to every bout there was. From that point on I was a “Rink Rat” I skated every day in the summer for every session. Sometimes 10 hours a day. My first skates I wore had holes in them. I saved them. My parents my biggest fans then bought me really nice skates plates and Atom wheels and the boot is Riedell 195’s. I have never seen any other Roller Derby skater wear them besides Pitchit Davis. My last pair I currently skate with is a custom 195 that is blue and black.

I began skating with the Arizona Derby Dames Banked Track team. What a rush to skate fast around the banked track. It was my happy place! My team went to Battle on the Bank in LA at the Doll Factory. We took 4th place in the nation, first time ever going to compete. It was the one of the best moments in my life. I learned so much about competition.

I loved banked track, but my goal is to try out for the Jr. World Cup and hopefully the USA team and go to the Olympics.
I left banked track and made the transition to flat track and currently skate with the Phoenix Derby Brats, a flat track team. I skate with the travel team, the Teen Terrors.

Roller Derby is all I think about. I love to skate and the way it makes me feel so happy and energized. I have been lucky to have great mentors in my life of Roller Derby. Evol Starr and Missy Fatal and all the Pretty H8’s. Mc. Beg she was always so supportive.
The Sixth Wonder #6 AZDD She taught me how to use my height. She is a serious blocker! We share the same number.

Pitchit for always leading me in the right direction with my gear and skates. Cappie #777 for always pushing. All my big brothers on the Arizona Rattleskates. The advice and skills they have taught me. I take everything in they say. These people are like family to me and have shaped the skater I am today and model who I want to skate like some day.

The saying “Roller Derby Saved my Soul” stands so true to me. I am thankful for the day I won that contest.
Star Child #6
Age 13

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