September 8, 2013

Welcome to Wilmunny.com

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Please look at the projects that have consumed my every waking moment. I have dedicated myself to creating meaningful art that speaks to the masses. I hope you see the value in the topics I have picked and appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in making this art.

My intent is to communicate the beauty in all of us and not just the externally beauty. A book shouldn’t be judge by its cover and nor should people. We are so much more than what is seen on the surface. Our experiences, our triumphs, failures, and our desire to overcome situations are what makes us beautiful.

I hope you enjoy these projects and see enough value in them to become a part of the project yourself. If you do, then email me at wilmunny@outlook.com and we can schedule a meeting. Thanks for you time. And please contribute with a message on the entries or share them to friends. This project is to celebrate the beauty in you.


Wil Munny


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