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April 13, 2015

What I Love – Candy

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I started out in the makeup industry doing beauty makeup. I also performed my craft at weddings and other events. After visiting a haunted house and seeing all the incredible makeup effects they were doing; I was convinced I could do the same. I started small with doing face painting and small cuts and other less complex makeup. After doing that for a little bit. I started getting gigs at haunted houses. This was extremely valuable as I got to meet many more experienced artists. In doing so I was able to learn so much more about special effects using makeup.

I began self teaching myself on the techniques used in sculpting and molding. It took a great deal of dedication and lots of time to get to the point where my results were usuable. I love being able to transform my subject from its original state to a state where you are in awe of the creativity it took to make your jaws drop. Nothing beats the satisfaction it takes to visualize a creation and then see that thought come alive. As an artist that is all that we strive for. I am just started get into costuming, body painting and short films. Anything I can get into makeup wise. Every job alays me to grow as an artist. It has taken me so many years to get where I am with my makeup. It is only up from here. As a fx makeup artist or any artist I just say never give up never stop trying.


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